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Inpatient Treatment Services



Sundown M Ranch is a CARF Accredited for Detox.  Speak with an admission specialist for more information regarding detox.


Information is an important key to understanding and ultimately accepting the disease. Patients learn that chemical dependency is a primary, chronic illness and not a symptom of another problem, a means of handling stress, or a bad habit. Though a series of films, lectures, and prescribed reading, the patient also learns the nature and dynamics of this progressive disease. Ultimately, methods are taught for achieving and maintaining recovery.

Individual therapy

This is a personal treatment experience that helps the patient see life as it really is without the veil of chemical dependency. Acceptance of the disease and realization that recovery is possible leads to hope for a new life.

Group Therapy

For many patients, the gender-specific group process is the most enriching element of treatment at Sundown M Ranch. Through collective support, defense mechanisms that block recovery are explored. In group therapy, patients work to develop the skills they need for a life free of alcohol and other drugs.

Family Therapy

Chemical dependency is a disease that affects the entire family. It is a family illness and never an illness that affects just one person. At Sundown M Ranch, we offer constructive, hope-filled therapy for members of the patient’s family as they help to break down the barriers of denial that insulate the patient and the family from recovery. Sundown M Ranch offers a truly unique family counseling program that not only offers family education, but is also a therapeutic e experience with individual, group, and conjoint sessions.

Introduction to self-help

The core of our treatment program is based on the philosophy espoused by Alcoholics/Narcotic Anonymous and their family member support groups of Alanon and Naranon.

Relapse Prevention Group

Early on, counselors realize that alternate strategies were needed for those patients who have had one or more relapses. Often relapse-prone patients have experienced everything that alcoholism counseling and traditional treatment have to offer. Many have had long periods of recovery achieved by practicing the principles of Alcoholism Anonymous, but somehow cannot seem to put those principles to work in their lives. Facilitated by a highly trained Relapse Prevention Counselor, patients learn about the relapse process and develop skills to maintain their sobriety. They learn to identify their own personal relapse warning signs, recognize when they occur, and make a plan to respond in ways that interrupt the relapse process. The program design is intended to compliment other self-help groups and regular chemical dependency treatment.

Placement in Relapse Prevention Therapy is a therapeutic decision that is made after extensive assessment, the patient’s identified level of acceptance of the disease of chemical dependency, periods of abstinence, prior treatment experience, and internal motivation to change.

Elders Group

Sundown M Ranch has developed and maintains gender-specific groups for older patients (50 + years old). The purpose of these groups is to provide optimum primary care for alcoholism/chemical dependency while taking into account the special need and differences of these patients. The elders group is facilitated by senior chemical dependency counselors with specialized training that addresses the needs of older patients in alcoholism/chemical dependency treatment.

Pregnant and Post-Partum Group

Sundown M Ranch has designated a primary women’s group specifically for pregnant and post-partum women. In addition to primary chemical dependency therapy, each patient is involved in four extra groups per week – two parenting classes and two pregnancy support groups – as well as weekly on-site visits with a registered nurse and referrals to agencies in her home community.

Nicotine Cessation

Prompted by the results of chemical research, public attention to the problem of nicotine addiction, and the suggestion of patient, Sundown M Ranch has implemented a nicotine-cessation program that the facility. This program is in addition to primary chemical dependency treatment and is strictly voluntary on the part of the patient. The group meets 45 minutes every morning. Education, exercises, and group support all work together the help the patient break the addiction to nicotine.


At Sundown M Ranch, we understand the difficulties behind a person’s decision to seek help.  We also understand how overwhelming the process can be.  Our skilled admissions staff is available 365 days a year.  They are known for their ability to walk individuals and family members through this difficult process with consistency, respect, and confidentiality.  For more information call 800-326-7444 or fill out a contact form here.