About Us

Sundown M Ranch is a safe, serene retreat located on thirty acres at the entrance of the Yakima River Canyon, the perfect setting for healing. Sundown M Ranch is nationally recognized for its quality programs and professional caregivers.

Sundown M Ranch is a private corporation established on March 4, 1968, as the first non-profit alcoholism treatment program in Washington State.

The program is designed exclusively for the treatment of persons afflicted with the disease of alcoholism and other life-threatening drug dependencies.

Every Sundown staff member is guided by our motto, “The Patient is the Reason We are Here.”

The Sundown M Ranch treatment program is licensed by the State of Washington Department of Health, accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), and certified by the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery. For more information on our standards and accreditation, click on the logos at the bottom of this page.

Even with a record of successful innovative treatment, Sundown M Ranch remains among the most affordable alcohol and drug treatment centers in the country.

Our Mission

Sundown M Ranch is dedicated to the treatment of adults and adolescents afflicted with the disease of chemical dependency and to their families who have also been harmed by the illness. We're committed to providing treatment of the highest quality at affordable prices by a well-trained and deeply caring staff of experienced professionals.

Above all, it is our goal to lead chemically dependent persons down the road to recovery and to guide them back to themselves, their families, and their lives.

Code of Ethics

Sundown M Ranch subscribe to the following code of ethical standards:
  • Our primary goal is recovery for the patient and his/her family.  To achieve that goal, we are totally committed to the highest quality care to all individuals coming to this facility.
  • We agree to maintain at all times an objective, non-possessive, professional relationship with all patients, recognizing when it is in the best interest of the patient to release him/her or refer him/her to another program, individual or facility.
  • We agree to adhere to the Federal and State guidelines regarding confidentiality and shall not release any confidential information pertaining to any patient without the appropriate written/signed releases from the patient authorizing such disclosure.
  • We agree not to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex or sexual orientation against any patient, member of our own professional and/or administrative staff, or other professionals with whom we may coordinate and cooperate.
  • It is our responsibility to ensure that marketing materials and statements regarding the services we offer does not misrepresent our service capability.
  • Sundown M Ranch does not engage in fee-splitting or any other form of compensation for referrals to our programs.
  • It is our goal to avoid conflict of interest through open disclosure and discussion of business and professional arrangements that have a potential for conflict.
  • We agree to maintain respect for and abide by all internal policies and management procedures of this facility, and will take the initiative toward improving such policies and procedures when it will better serve the interest of the clinical and administrative staff of the facility and/or all patients of the facility.
  • We agree that we have a commitment to assess our own personal strengths, limitations, biases, and effectiveness on a continuing basis, constantly striving for self-improvement; we agree that each of us has a personal responsibility for our own professional growth through further education and training and recognize the program’s facilitation of attaining such further education and training.
  • Finally, each of us has the individual responsibility for our own conduct in all areas.

We admit 7 days a week

Same day admissions possible - Most insurance accepted