The goal of alumni services is to strengthen the transition process for patients that are graduating treatment, and provide them with a bridge to the twelve-step community.

How does it work?

During treatment when a patient is participating in aftercare planning, they are provided with the contact information from an active 12-Step Member in their home area.  The active 12-Step member must meet the following criteria:

  • Is a Sundown alumni with a minimum of six-months continuous sobriety
  • Has regular involvement in 12-Step meetings
  • Is willing to have phone contact and meet with a patient within 48 hours of their return home (24 is preferred)


What the Contact Does:

The Alumni participant’s role is to introduce the newly graduated person to his local 12-Step community.  This can be done by taking them to a meeting, discussing the local club houses or introducing them to potential sponsors.


What the Alumni Contact is NOT:

The Alumni contact is not an automatic sponsor or best friend.  This is also not intended to replace the relationship with the local 12-Step Community, which is necessary to develop long-term sobriety.  The Alumni contact also does not take on the role of a therapist, loan officer, career advisor or dating expert.   If you are interesting in participating in the Alumni Program, please email us at