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A Successful History of Treating Alcohol & Drug Addictions

Sundown M Ranch offers an integrated system of care, including withdrawal management, residential treatment, and outpatient services.

Since 1968, Sundown M Ranch has helped over 200,000 patients and families recover from the effects of Substance Use Disorders. Sundown M Ranch promotes patient centered integrated care that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. At Sundown M Ranch, the Patient is the reason we are here.

We Admit 7 Days a Week

Call our admissions team at (509) 457-0990.

Daily admissions with a scheduled bed date.



Eleven years ago I arrived at Sundown M Ranch scared, tired, and weak.  I was provided with the support and direction I needed to change.  Today I feel good about myself and my life.  My family and I thank you for the work you do.

Beth and Tom


When we showed up for the family program, we blamed ourselves for our daughters drug use.  After participating in the family program we were able to take back our marriage and lives.  Our daughter has also been able to be a mother to her children again.  Words cannot express our gratitude.



Sundown M Ranch gave me the opportunity to take an honest look at my life, and then make changes.  The environment was beautiful, honest, and respectful.



I had been to multiple treatment programs over a six year span.  I was hopeless and thought that I was helpless.  After some legal issues, I went to Sundown M Ranch and participated in the relapse prevention group.  This was a treatment experience like no other, I had learned things about myself that I was never aware of.  Because of the foundation that was built at Sundown, today I have over 7 years of continuous sobriety.