Thank you for taking the time to use our new and improved visitation sign up form.

Sundown M Ranch believes in principle and practice, that visitation by family and other meaningful persons is a benefit to the treatment process.


Visitation is on Sundays from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. On-duty staff will ask visitors arriving at any other time to leave the premises.



  • All visitors are to follow Sundown M Ranch rules and regulations.


  • Pets are not allowed on the SMR campus. 


  • Youth patient visitors may utilize the SMR grounds and specific visiting areas for patient visitation.  Visitors are not allowed in the sleeping wings.


  • Patients are not allowed to sit or ride in automobiles.  Patients are not allowed to use visitors' electronic devices (tablets, laptops, cell phones).


  • Visitors under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will be asked to leave the facility.


  • Visitors are not allowed to bring weapons or contraband onto Sundown M Ranch property.


  • Visitors displaying inappropriate, threatening, or compromising behavior will be asked to leave the facility.


  • Youth facility is a tobacco free area.  Visitors are prohibited from bringing tobacco products including but not limited to: cigarettes, chewing tobacco, e cigarettes, vapes of any kind, snuff or any related product into the facility or grounds.  


  • Contraband includes but is not limited to: Licit or illicit drugs, paraphernalia, tobacco products, e cigs, vapes of any kind, food, medications (both prescription or over the counter),  and weapons or any kind.  Please do not bring any contraband onto SMR property.