Family Program

Chemical dependency is a disease that affects the whole family. We often see that families will develop unhealthy ways to deal with the pain.  Unless these patterns are addressed, they can persist long after the drugs and/or alcohol have left.


Treatment directed exclusively at the addicted patient does little for the family illness. Sundown M Ranch guides participants through a careful examination of the effects of chemical dependency upon individual family members and the family unit. Sundown offers a comprehensive approach to family issues created by alcoholism and drug addiction. Components include:

  • Family orientation
  • Lectures (understanding the disease and family illness)
  • Group therapy
  • Individual family conferences
  • Reading material
  • Final evaluation and referral

Chemical dependency negatively affects all family members, however, through treatment recovery can be achieved.

How it works:

  • Participants are invited after a patient enters treatment. (this allows the primary counselor to assess who would be most beneficial to have in attendance
  • The family program is limited to two family members.
  • Family members stay on campus in our family annex.
  • The family program is included at no additional costs.


We admit 7 days a week!

Same day admissions possible - Most insurance accepted