Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a disease that affects the whole family, leading to unhealthy ways to cope with pain.

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Through collaboration and integration we help adults, adolescents, and families face challenges, develop healthy coping strategies, build better communication, and create meaningful change.

We believe understanding is paramount to forming a safe comfortable place where individuals and families can freely explore new avenues.  Educating on the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  Helping families process complex and intense emotions beginning the healing process.

We provide resources for continued care to support ongoing growth.


Terms and scheduling may be temporarily modified due to COVID-19.

Our approach to individual and group is very eclectic in that we use evidence-based practices which may include but not limited to:

Specialties: Co-Dependency, Enabling, Life Transitions.
Identified Problem Areas: Substance Use Disorder, Family Conflict, Heightening Anxiety/Nervousness, Spirituality.
Treatment Approach: Talk Therapy; Evidence-Based Practices, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family/Marital Systems, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused and Mindfulness Techniques.
Modalities: Individual, Family, Couples.

What to expect.

Participants are invited after a patient enters treatment. (this allows the primary counselor to assess who would be most beneficial to have in attendance).

The Family Program is limited to two family members.

Family members stay on campus in our family annex.

Included at no additional cost.

3-Day Family Program Checklist

  • Comfortable Clothes (no tank tops)
  • Toiletries - shampoo, soap, etc.
  • Closed toed shoes/or socks to wear with sandals (no flip flops)
  • Writing utensil/notepad
  • Clear water bottle
  • Change or small bills for vending machines.

Family Resources

  • Pleasure Unwoven Video – can be purchased on Amazon
  • The Anonymous People Video – can be purchased or rented on Amazon
  • Addiction in the Family – Available on You Tube
  • Co-Dependent No More Book (Melody Beatty) – Amazon or any bookstore

Why choose us.

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Serene Setting

Rural garden grounds, wildlife, nestled at the entrance to Yakima Canyon.

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We promote healthy lifestyle changes.  Sundown offers an array of exercise equipment and activities.

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Daily housekeeping. Weekly laundry service. Semi-private rooms. Delicious home cooked cuisine.

We Admit 7 Days a Week

Call our admissions team at (509) 457-0990.

Daily admissions with a scheduled bed date.