In the first 12-months of operation at White Swan, the Ranch served 102 patients. To date, approximately 200,000 adults, youth, and family members have been served by Sundown.


A group of Yakima businessmen, spearheaded by James Oldham, began a plan to develop a residential center for the intensive treatment of alcoholism in an abandoned Yakima Indian Christian Mission in White Swan, Washington.


March 4th, Sundown M Ranch established itself as the state’s first non-medical intensive residential alcoholism treatment facility with a 29-bed capacity.


Sundown M Ranch’s inpatient capacity expanded to 49 beds to meet increased demand.


The physical configuration of the old mission did not allow for coed accommodations. Therefore, female patients were provided with transportation and outpatient treatment five days a week while construction was completed on a nine-bed female dormitory.


Sundown M Ranch became the first residential treatment program for women in the state of Washington.


Sundown M Ranch added an inpatient family program. They two-night, three-day program allowed families to receive individual counseling, group counseling, education, and a conjoint session with the patient


Construction of the new 96 bed facility was completed at the mouth of the Yakima River Canyon. The new facility housed beds for 48 men, 24 women, and 24 family members.


The Sundown M Foundation was established to promote education, research, and other activities to aid in the ethical and competent treatment of chemical dependency. Student Assistance Programs and outpatient treatment services were also added.


A Family Annex was opened to provide 56 beds for family members attending the family program. Construction of this facility allowed 24 additional beds for women.

1992 -1993

Due to the tremendous need for adolescent addiction treatment services, a 60-bed youth facility and 7,000 square foot gymnasium were opened. In addition, specialty programs were created to meet the needs for chronically relapsing individuals and seniors.


New Administration Building was completed to house administrative staff, expanding our clinical services.


Sundown M Ranch initiated a professional internship program to train counselors, including tuition assistance, ongoing training, and support to help complete their certification.


The 35th Anniversary, opened our doors for a tour and a big Alumni celebration.


Sundown M Ranch opens the T-IV Learning Center in partnership with the Selah School District. The day treatment program allows students to attend treatment while remaining enrolled in school.


Major renovation of all patient rooms were completed in the adult facility. The remodel upgraded the bathrooms, flooring, and updated our furnishings.


Renovation in the adult facility continued with all office space and public restrooms being upgraded.  Our IT infrastructure was updated, and the youth restructured the school program and went to online services.


 To better serve our youth patients, we remodeled the classroom with updated computer stations and went to an online educational platform.


We celebrated 50 years of helping patients and families recover from the effects of Substance Use Disorders.


We welcomed a new Director of Clinical Services and onsite Medical Director integrating Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services and Trauma Informed Care.


Sundown M Ranch introduced Tele-Health to facilitate Outpatient services as well as our Family Program component during the COVID-19 crisis.