Half of all new drug users each day are under the age of 18. Treatment of young individuals for drug and alcohol abuse shouldn’t have to interfere with academic progress. At Sundown M Ranch, our youth treatment program includes daily education services in addition to addiction recovery counseling and treatment.

How Drug Abuse Treatment Improves Academic Achievement According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drug abuse and addiction detrimentally affect school performance and increase the chance of academic failure among youths. Side effects such as aggression, difficulty concentrating, and pain or muscle spasms may disrupt classroom learning. The first step in restoring academic achievement is to address the underlying drug problem responsible for failing academic success. Through addiction recovery, youths are better able and more motivated to perform academically and achieve success.

How Sundown M Ranch Can Help Sundown M Ranch’s youth treatment program is specifically focused on the unique needs of adolescents under the age of 18. Both parents and students are often concerned that undergoing treatment will mean falling further behind in school. To address these concerns, our youth program includes daily academics and physical education as a part of its regimen. We offer a year-round school program supervised and taught by certified teachers to help adolescents and teens regain their academic footing and stay on track with their peers. Both classroom activities and individual study options are available to ensure youths receive the supervision and individual attention they need to achieve academic success.

Sundown M Ranch has been providing drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse rehabilitation in the Seattle area since 1968. We understand that while drug abuse treatment and recovery is an intensive process, it doesn’t need to come at the expense of academic progress. Our youth and adult programs are designed to deliver quality care and support to meet the needs of each individual patient and promote success during and after treatment. Fill out a contact form or call our admissions department at 800-326-7444 to learn more about our chemical dependency recovery program options.