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At Sundown M Ranch, we understand the difficulties behind a person’s decision to seek help.  We also understand how overwhelming the process can be.  Our skilled admissions staff is available 365 days a year.  They are known for their ability to walk individuals and family members through this difficult process with consistency, respect, and confidentiality.  For more information call 800-326-7444 or fill out a contact form here.


Residential Treatment Rates:

The cost of treatment at Sundown M Ranch is all-inclusive. Our programs are open ended.  The 21 and 28 days prices reflect our average length of stay and cost for each program.

Adult Program: $290 daily or $6090 for a 21 day stay

Youth Program:  $325 daily or $9100 for a 28 day stay

If a patient does require off-site medical services (e.g. dental or emergency services), they are responsible for cost of those services.


Sundown works with most major insurances.  Speak with the admissions department for more information.

Sundown is committed to providing the best possible treatment experience for each patient and family member.  Our goal is to allow the patient to focus on getting better, and one way that we help with that is having dedicated licensed staff working with your insurance company to maximize benefits on your behalf.  Patient always know clearly up front what the cost of treatment is and what your insurance will cover.

Insurance Verification Request- This form may be used to have the Sundown M Ranch contact your insurance company and check if you have benefits for our services.

Pre-Admission Form

Pre-Admission Application - You can fill out a pre-admission application to help with the admissions process.  We understand that getting admitted to treatment can be a difficult process and have supplied this form to help make the process go quicker.  If you decide to use the pre-admission applications, you still need to call the admissions department to discuss a reservation.  Please mention that you have filled out the packet when calling.


Transportation to and from the Yakima Greyhound Bus Stop and Yakima Airport (YKM) is provided upon request.


For the list of what to bring:

Adult checklist

Youth checklist