Codependent relationships are essentially one-sided relationships in which one partner strives to make a relationship successful while the other does not, often to his or her detriment. Codependent behaviors are frequently abusive or emotionally destructive and can prevent a relationship from ever being mutually satisfying or healthy. Here’s a brief look at the concept of codependency, its warning signs, and its relationship to alcoholism and chemical dependency:

Disproportionate Effort: Codependency refers to the idea that an individual values his relationship to another person more than he values his relationship to himself. A codependent person might try desperately hard to keep a relationship alive, while the other appears to care little or not at all.

Financial Assistance: One of the clearest signs of codependence is frequent, one-sided financial assistance. If an individual simply “needs” his partner to remain in his life, he will do virtually anything to make that partner stay. Much of the time, this means giving that partner large sums of money as an incentive.

Low Self-Esteem: Some people develop codependency due to low esteem or develop low self-esteem during a codependent relationship. It’s fairly common for individuals to sustain unhealthy relationships because they don’t believe they’re good enough to be in relationships with anyone else.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction: Unfortunately, alcoholism and drug addiction often go hand in hand with dependent relationships. In this case, dependency is also closely tied to the concept of “enabling.” Enabling describes a scenario in which one partner directly or indirectly encourages the other to drink or take drugs in order to preserve the relationship.

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