Don’t let cycles of denial and rationalization ruin your health. The following information illustrates why it’s crucial to seek treatment for chemical dependency.

  1. Escape the Lifestyle: An addict will quickly begin to prioritize getting a fix over regular hygiene and financial stability. As control begins to transition from the user to the drug, sleep and eating patterns are quickly forgotten. This can result in unhealthy, extreme shifts in body weight. A disheveled appearance, poor hygiene, and other illegal activity commonly follow the patterns of habitual drug use. Problems with money and unpaid debts can not only cause rifts between family members, but also substantial credit problems.
  2. Control Your Emotions: Addiction is likely to taint a drug user’s personal life. Inability to focus, unexplained mood swings, and violent outbursts make it difficult for family members to relate to an addict. Likewise, friends find it difficult to understand an addict’s arbitrary bouts of paranoia and agitation. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol, it can become nearly impossible to support a life full of healthy relationships.
  3. Avoid Agonizing Withdrawal: As financial troubles grow, addicts become unable to afford their drug of choice. Those suffering from withdrawal may experience headaches, cramps, nausea, and intense anxiety. As drug use continues, the body’s dependency on addictive chemicals is greater. Withdrawal symptoms will continue to worsen as addiction grows.
  4. Save a Life: The greatest risk of any substance addiction is death. Heavy use of drugs decreases an addicts’ interest in food, and nutrition begins to decline. Due to compromised health and nutrition, drug users are far more likely to develop fatal infections. Continued drug use also decreases tolerance. As addicts consume greater quantities of drugs to feel high, they put themselves at a higher risk of lethal overdose.

Addiction recovery will improve your life in countless ways. Broaden your horizons and achieve a stable sense of wellness through treatment at Sundown M Ranch. Call us at (509) 457-0990 to learn how life without drugs and alcohol can be lived to the fullest.  Sundown M Ranch is a private non-profit treatment center in the Pacific Northwest.